Aluminium_Extrusions 1515



1515 stands for 15mm * 15mm on the cross-section. Not like most other companies, M5Stack not just provide the highly productized learning board and programming platform, we also include the structural grade components to make a complete ecosystem for not only IoT development but IIoT (Industrial IoT) as well.

Aluminum Extrusions are most commonly used across industrial automation applications such as automated motion applications on process lines and industries throughout manufacturing. They are strong and yet light enough that they yet can be easily man-handled and built into various configurations as necessitated by the automation structure. Outside of the traditional automation applications, structural grade aluminum extrusions are even being specified as part of weight reduction efforts. extrusion aluminum sections are versatile and ideal for use in building automation applications, and aluminum is an excellent structural material which lends itself perfectly for use in Extrusions extrusions. More likely than not, there is an aluminum Extrusions that’s perfectly tailored to the specific automation application.

As more advanced, together with the Aluminum-Extrusions accessories (connectors, slide-drops ...) and the Aluminum-Extrusions drilling machine which allows Pick-Cut-Drill, you can even DIY your own framework. Furthermore, the add-on features of M5Stack system will bring your work into another level, you will benefit every step of the way in your IIoT project, all the way from structure prototyping, programming, network establishing, debugging, to the final productization.

Product Features

  • 15mm * 15mm


Resources Parameter
1000mm 1/pcs 204g
500mm 4/pcs 409g
200mm 12/pcs 497g
100mm 12/pcs 249g
50mm 12/pcs 126g


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