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UIFlow is a graphical programming IDE that everyone can easily use, supports wireless/wired program push, program can be run by clicking on it, no need to compile repeatedly. It supports 100+ M5 hardware peripherals and sensors, supports one-click addition and expansion, effectively assists in product prototype construction and accelerates the development process to final productization. In this tutorial, we will introduce how to burn UIFlow 1.x version firmware on your M5Stack device and use UIFlow Web IDE for secondary development of the product.

1. Getting Started Process

Several preparation steps before using UIFlow for programming:

    1. Install M5Burner firmware burning tool.
    1. Use M5Burner to burn the firmware of the corresponding device, configure a WiFi connection for the device, and obtain the API KEY of the device.
    1. Open UIFlow Web IDE version 1.0 , select the corresponding device option, and fill in the API KEY of the device.
    1. Drag blockly to edit the program, and click the Run button to debug the program.
  • Replenish:
    • M5Burner is a unified firmware burning tool launched by M5Stack. Through this tool, users can easily burn UIFlow firmware and write WiFi and other configuration information together during burning.
    • API KEY is the key used by UIFlow 1.0 to distinguish devices. This key will be generated when the device completes UIFlow firmware burning. UIFlow Web IDE implements remote push of the program by specifying the same API KEY as the device.

2.M5Burner installation

Please click the button below to download the corresponding M5Burner firmware burning tool according to the operating system you are using. Unzip and open the application.

Software version Download link
M5Burner_Windows Download
M5Burner_MacOS Download
M5Burner_Linux Download
After installation is complete for MacOS users, please put the application into the Application folder, as shown in the figure below.
Linux users please switch to the decompressed file path and run ./M5Burner in the terminal to run the application.

3. Firmware burning & running program

Refer to the program burning tutorial of the corresponding product and upload the program.

Chip Product Name Learn
ESP32 Basic/Fire/Gray/M5G Burning Tutorial
ESP32 M5Core2/M5Core2 AWS Burning Tutorial
ESP32 M5Tough Burning Tutorial
ESP32 M5StickC Burning Tutorial
ESP32 M5StickCPlus Burning Tutorial
ESP32 M5StickCPlus2 Burning Tutorial
ESP32 M5Atom Burning Tutorial
ESP32 M5Paper Burning Tutorial
ESP32 M5CoreInk Burning Tutorial
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