EasyLoader Packer

User Guide

To facilitate packing your code and sending it to others without the need for Arduino or directly operating official command tools, etc., we will now demonstrate how to use M5Stack's EasyLoader Packer tool to generate a .exe file to package your code for distribution to customers, who can then upload your code in one step.

Step One

Step Two

  • You can name your .exe file.

  • The title on the right-hand side will also be displayed at any time.

Step Three

  • Select your firmware (.bin) to generate the .exe file.

1. Select your own generated firmware (.bin) file.

2. Click Make, wait for the .exe file to be generated, and then choose the installation path to download.

Step Four

1. Select the corresponding port. If the serial port is not detected, please download the corresponding driver according to the instructions on the M5Stack official website.

2. The baud rate is default. Click Burn, wait for the burning process to complete.

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