Capsule-proto is a prototype perforated board designed specifically for M5Capsule, aiming to simplify and expedite the prototype development process. It provides M5Capsule users with a convenient solution for building electronic prototypes. This board offers users a versatile platform, enabling them to swiftly validate concepts, test ideas, and drive the implementation of creative projects in a more efficient manner. Carefully crafted, the prototype board takes into full consideration the structure and functionality of M5Capsule, providing users with flexibility and expandability. It finds widespread applications in IoT projects, smart device prototyping, education, and learning, among other fields.


  • M5Capsule compatibility: CapsuleProto is fully compatible with M5Capsule
  • Multifunctional test area: allows users to experiment and test without interfering with the main prototype area, improving the flexibility of prototype development.
  • Wide application: Suitable for Internet of Things projects, smart device prototyping, education and learning and other fields
  • User-friendly design: The design is simple and easy to operate, suitable for all kinds of users, whether professional developers or beginners.
  • Efficient Prototyping: CapsuleProto provides users with an efficient prototyping platform


  • 5x Proto PCB
  • 10x 1*9pin (2.54mm hole pitch)


  • Internet of Things project
  • Smart device prototype building
  • Education and learning


Resources Parameters
PCB Thickness 1mm
Stitch length 1cm
The number of holes available 62 holes (9 rows, 6 columns +1 row, 8 holes)
Hole Pitch 2.54mm
Product Size 26*24*1mm
Package Size 136* 92*20mm
Product Weight 10g
Package Weight 12g

Module Size

module size