StampS3 GroveBreakOut



StampS3 GroveBreakOut is a specialized expansion board designed for the M5StampS3, equipped with six Grove interfaces and compatible with M5's portA/B/C standards, including I2C, IO (input/output), and UART interfaces. This board features an integrated holder for 16340/18350 lithium batteries, along with a 1.25mm@2P lithium battery connector, enabling it to independently power the entire system. It also includes switches for battery power supply and for switching between USB and battery power. Onboard touch switches are connected to the EN pin for reset control. Additionally, the board is equipped with a lithium battery charging chip and a 5V boost system, as well as a circuit for monitoring battery levels, providing a stable and reliable energy solution. Pre-arranged mounting holes make installation straightforward. This product is suitable for educational and prototype development, Internet of Things (IoT) projects, wearable devices, automation, and robotics among other fields.

StampS3 GroveBreakOut supports only StampS3 PIN1.27!


  • Multi-Grove interface compatibility
  • Independent power system
  • Charging and power detection
  • Power supply switching and reset control


  • 1x StampS3 GroveBreakOut


  • Internet of Things (IoT) projects
  • Wearables and mobile devices
  • Education and prototyping
  • Automatic system
  • Robot technology


Resources Parameters
Grove interface 6xGrove(I2C/GPIO/UART)
Battery 16340/18350 Lithium battery specifications
Bar specification 1.25mm&2.54mm
Lithium battery interface 1.25mm@2P
Grove interface Specifications HY2.0-4P
Fixed hole size Diameter 3mm
Operating Temperature 0- 40°C
Product Size 47.5*38*23.2mm
Package Size 75*45*29mm
Product Weight 10g
Package Weight 22.1g




Grove Pin

M5StampS3 IO2 IO1 5V GND
Grove1 G1 G2 Grove_5V GND
Grove2 G4 G3 Grove_5V GND
Grove3 G6 G5 Grove_5V GND
Grove4 G9 G7 Grove_5V GND
Grove5 G10 G11 Grove_5V GND
Grove6 G15 G13 Grove_5V GND

Note that Grove6 has a pull-up to 3.3v and can be used as I2C.

Battery Detect

M5StampS3 G8
Battery(ADC) BAT_ADC


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