Watch v1.1 Dev Kit(Excluding Core)



Watch v1.1 Dev Kit (Excluding Core) is a watch kit adapted to M5Core host which in addition to powerful development hardware,exquisite appearance makes it can be used as smart wearable device,the kit is designed for the M5Core series,in addition to the cool strap is also equipped with a 700mAh lithium battery,allowing users to use the device while having enough reliable battery life.

Note: This product is compatible with M5Core2 and M5CoreS3.If combined with Core2,it can be locked with two M3*18 cup head screws.


  • Compatible with Basic core/Core/CoreS32
  • 700mAh lithium battery


  • 1x strap base
  • 1x M-BUS board
  • 1x 700mAh battery
  • 2x telescopic card pin
  • 2x M3x15 screws
  • 2x M3x16 screws
  • 2x M2x5 screws
  • 2x HEX KEY
  • 1x disassemble screwdriver


  • smart watch


Resources Parameters
Strap size and weight 260mm x 22mm / 18g
Base dimensions and weight 54.3mm x 54.3mm x 7mm / 25g
Product Size 54.3 x 54.3 x 7mm
Package Size 125 x 67 x 23mm
Product Weight 57g
Package Weight 108g

BASIC-V27 (K001-V27)

Core2 (K010)

CoreS3 (K128)

Assembly step

Assembling the strap: Insert the matching telescopic card into the strap fixing hole, and have two small holes on both sides of the base of the watch. Place one side of the telescopic card pin into the hole and the other side with the finger. Press and place it. Complete the installation of another strap in the same way.

Install the battery: Plug the lead wire from the battery to the corresponding interface on the host circuit board. After the plug-in is completed, adjust the position of the battery to facilitate the installation of the watch base.

Installation base: According to the position of the BUS bus on the main unit, the watch base is vertically inserted into the main unit and locked with the matching screws to complete the assembly.

Module Size

module size


M5Stack ESP32 Basic Core based maker watch.