Glass Panel Repair Kit



Glass Panel Repair Kit It is an M5Core external screen replacement kit, which contains M5Core Alec external screen, buttons and disassembly tool accessories. It can easily disassemble the main unit and replace the brand new external screen without strong hands-on ability.

As time goes by, the screen surface and buttons of the M5Core may be filled with various scratches and abrasions. In addition to providing a better visual experience, the replacement of the new external screen is also a protective measure for the screen.

Product Features

  • External screen material: Acrylic (acrylic material)


  • 1x M5Core Acrylic external screen
  • 1x M1.5 HEX KEY
  • 1x power button
  • 3x panel buttons
  • 1x suction cup


Resources Parameter
Net weight 3g
Gross weight 29g
Product Size 50*50*0.5mm
Package Size 95*65*25mm

Replacement tutorial

Remove the base, remove the screws that secure the circuit board, and push the speaker out with a HEX KEY.

There is a buckle in the fuselage. We push the whole board up to release it. At this point, replace the power button that needs to be replaced, then put the board back to its original position and retighten the screw. Base.

Use the matching suction cup to absorb it on the screen and evenly remove the entire outer screen.

Tear off the sticker on the back of the new external screen, and the filler, fix the new button to the external screen, align it with the screen, and finally tear the screen protector.