ATOM HUB PROTO is a DIY proto board module designed for use with the ATOM series. Users can build circuits or connect peripherals according to their own needs to satisfy the functions and requirements of specific scenarios. Considering the various possibilities of user connection, ATOM HUB PROTO provides a wealth of interfaces, including VH3.96 interface, DC-5V power interface, grove interface, and all kinds of openings are reserved on the shell to facilitate user wiring。A variety of mounting holes are designed on the back of the fuselage, which not only support the traditional hanging holes and screw fixing holes, but also support the fixation of slide rail clamps.Built in proto circuit board, main circuit space layout 45x35x20mm.With atomhub, you can make your own hardware devices at will, such as connecting batteries by yourself, or integrating micro air pump + air pressure sensor to make a blood pressure meter, or even building a positioning and tracking system with GPS + NB-IoT module.

Product Features

  • Compatible with ATOM Matrix/ATOM Lite
  • Compact design
  • Industrial applications
  • Multiple interface output
  • Multiple mounting holes
  • Creative DIY


  • 1x Proto board(include GROVE port)
  • 1x 3.96*4P Plug & Plug Base
  • 6x 3.96*3P Plug & Plug Base
  • 1x ATOM HUB PROTO Face shell
  • 1x DC 5V Power outlet
  • 4x Dust Plug
  • 1x DIN Rail
  • 2x Plastic
  • 4x Magnet double-side tape
  • 4x Rubberpad
  • 4x Magnet
  • 4x M2*6mm Hexagon self tapping screw
  • 1x M2*20mm Hexagon socket cup head machine screw
  • 2x M4*10mm Hexagon countersunk screw
  • 1x M2 Hex Key
  • 1x M4 Hex Key


  • Atom expansion board
  • Industrial controller node
  • Peripheral connection
  • DIY hardware


Specification Parameter
External port 1x VH-3.96 4P 6x VH-3.96 3P 1x DC5V Input 1x GROVE
Net weight 93g
Gross weight 105g
Product Size 72*40*30mm
Package Size 104 x 77 x 35mm
Case material Plastic ( PC )


Depending on your use case you can design the circuit or prototype, soldering the corresponding components,through the vh-3.96 interface to connect external electrical equipment.You can also choose to purchase round waterproof connector connecting cable by yourself.

If you need to supply power through an external power supply, you can choose to supply power directly to ATOM through USB, or solder the DC 5V connector and connect the positive and negative poles to the corresponding pins of the ATOM. If the input voltage is higher than 5V, you need to build your own voltage step-down circuit.If you need to use the GROVE port, connect the pad breakpoint corresponding to the pin number you decide to use.



A remote control circuit is built in ATOM HUB PROTO by using the step-down circuit and relay. The control pin of the relay is GPIO21, which is powered by an external power supply. It is connected to Apple's Homekit application through Wi-Fi for remote control. Open the Homekit for manual connection. The default password is 11111111. Use the Siri voice remote control or manual button for remote control.