Base AAA



Base AAA is a '5x5cm' series base with 4 x AAA Dry Batteries holder. Unlike other Lithium Battery Base, Base AAA is powered by safe and reliable dry batteries, and the onboard power switch allows for manual power shutdown, reducing battery drain. Port B and Port C are reserved for expansion, and 1X12-Pin 2.54 pitch female expansion connector is provided. There are mounting holes on the side for easy fixing and expansion. The bottom supports magnet and screw mounting.

Product Features

  • 1X12-Pin 2.54 interface
  • Port B, Port C
  • Physical power switch
  • Support two types of power supply:
    • Power supply by four AAA Batteries, DC/DC buck 6V -> 4V, connect with BUS bus BAT pin
    • External power supply with Dupont cables, to BAT/GND of the 12-Pin 2.54 interface
  • Multiple fixing methods:
    • Magnet fixing on the bottom
    • Two nuts on the bottom for screws
    • Three fixing holes on the side


  • 1x Base AAA
  • 1x M2 Hex Key


Spec Parameter
Net weight 30g
Gross weight 51.2g
Product Size 54*54*21mm
Package Size 95*67*25mm