M5Capsule is a versatile embedded development board powered by Stamps3. It combines essential functionalities such as sensors, power management, storage, and control, making it suitable for building IoT, embedded systems, sensor applications, and rapid prototyping and validation of smart device data acquisition systems.

With its high-performance BMI270 IMU, M5Capsule enables precise motion tracking and attitude control. It also features the SPM1423 microphone sensor, supporting recording, sound recognition, and wake-up functions. The integrated infrared sensor adds versatility for remote control, signal recognition, and smart home applications. The built-in TF card slot allows for expandable storage capacity, facilitating data logging and media storage. Additionally, the built-in buzzer provides audio feedback, enhancing user interaction.

M5Capsule is designed with low power consumption in mind, featuring a power-efficient design with a standby leakage current as low as 35uA. It comes with a built-in 250mAh battery and supports external battery expansion for extended operation. The device also includes the RTC8563 real-time clock module, providing high-precision time and date information and supporting timed wake-up functionality.

With its Proto socket, M5Capsule offers additional scalability, allowing for the connection of custom sensors and expansion boards to meet various project requirements. The device's structure features reserved mounting holes on the back for easy installation and an embedded magnet with strong adhesion for convenient attachment.

Power on and off
Power On: The device can be awakened and powered on either by pressing the "WAKE" button or by the RTC-triggered IRQ signal. After the wake-up signal is triggered, during program initialization, it is necessary to set the "hold" (GPIO46) pin to a high level (1) to maintain power. Otherwise, the device will return to sleep mode.
Power Off: When not externally powered via USB, the device can be turned off by pressing the RST button. Alternatively, during program execution, setting HOLD (GPIO46) to 0 will achieve a power cutoff shutdown.
Download Mode
To enter the download mode, press the G0 button on StampS3 at boot time.


This tutorial will show you how to program and control M5Capsule devices through Arduino IDE


This tutorial will show you how to control the M5Capsule device through the UIFlow2.0 graphical programming platform


  • Versatility: Combining functions such as IMU, MIC, infrared, storage, clock, buzzer, and Proto expansion.
  • Flexibility in Expansion: Through the Proto connector and TF card slot, M5Capsule offers expandability, allowing for the connection of custom sensors and expansion boards to meet specific project requirements.
  • Voice Recognition and Audio Processing: The SPM1423 microphone sensor supports voice recognition, recording, and wake-up functions, making it suitable for voice control and audio analysis.
  • Attitude Control and Motion Tracking: The BMI270 IMU provides precise attitude control and motion tracking capabilities, making it suitable for applications like virtual reality and game control.
  • Time and Low power Management: The RTC8563 real-time clock module supports high-precision time and date information, along with scheduled wake-up functionality, making it suitable for timestamping and automated control tasks.
  • Data Collection and Storage: The TF card slot expands storage capacity for data logging and event recording, making it suitable for large-scale data collection.


  • 1x M5Capsule


  • Internet of Things (IoT) applications
  • Embedded system development
  • Voice recognition and audio processing
  • Attitude control and motion tracking
  • Time stamps and scheduled tasks
  • Data acquisition and storage
  • Smart devices and prototype development


Resources Parameters
Six-axis attitude sensor BMI270
I2C Address:0x69
RTC Chip BM8563
I2C Address:0x51
Battery capacity 250mAh
Infrared remote control distance Infrared emission distance (linear distance) at 180° : 330CM
Infrared emission distance at 90° :48CM
Infrared emission distance at 45° :134CM
Standby current DC4.2V/35uA
Operating current DC4.2V/144mA
Product Size 40*24*16.2mm
Package Size 100*63*18mm
Product Weight 18.5g
Package Weight 26.7g




image image

Module Size

module size




  • Function Introduction of M5Capsule