18650C HAT



18650C HAT is a rechargeable battery base designed for M5StickC with built-in 18650 large capacity rechargeable lithium battery.It can provide long-term endurance for the equipment. The base is designed with the plug-in structure of the HAT series, which can be used to maintain reliable connection with the M5StickC. The bottom is equipped with a USB interface charging interface, which is convenient and quick for the battery. The USB port of the battery base is only used as a charging interface, and does not have UART function.There are many types of mounting holes on the back of the base,which can be easily installed by the user into all types of planes.

Product Features

  • Chargeable
  • Battery replaceable
  • 2200mAh rechargeable battery


  • 1x 18650 HAT(include 2200mAh battery)


Resources Parameter
Net weight 90g
Gross weight 94g
Product Size 150*24*24mm
Package Size 170*20*24mm

The M5StickC produced after October 2019 has a new fixing hole design. If your M5StickC is an old device (no fixing hole), you cannot use screws to fix it to the 18650CHAT, but this does not affect Functional use of modules