3.96port is a converter based on the GROVE-to-VH3.96 interface, The HT3.96 component has 4 pins and is relays on the Pluggable System Terminal Block structure.

The Terminal blocks are used to secure and/or terminate wires. in their simplest form, they consist of several individual terminals arranged in a long strip. Terminal blocks are useful for connecting wiring to a ground or, in the case of electrical power, for connecting electrical switches and outlets to the mains power, it is very often used in relays and other modules that require direct wires integration.

Product Features

  • 1x HT3.96 connector(4 pins)
  • 2x LEGO compatible holes


  • 1x 396PORT Unit
  • 1x Grove Cable
  • 1x HT3.96 Male Socket


Resources Parameter
Type Pluggable terminal block (female)
PIN bit 4
Total 1 group
spacing 0.156 "(3.96mm)
Pin specifications 180 ° horizontal
Installation type Inline
Net weight 7g
Gross weight 19g
Product Size 40*24*10mm
Package Size 67*53*12mm