GNSS Module



GNSS Module is a global positioning wireless communication module featuring the NEO-M9N-00B GPS module. Compatible with multiple satellite positioning systems, it offers an impressive accuracy of approximately 1.5 meters. This module can simultaneously receive signals from four GNSS sources, ensuring high precision and fast lock times. Equipped with an external MCX antenna interface, it also includes a button battery and an EEPROM chip to securely store data in case of power loss.

In addition to its exceptional positioning capabilities, the module integrates mutible sensors for comprehensive geographic information measuring. It incorporates a BMI270 six-axis attitude sensor, a BMM150 three-axis magnetometer, and a barometric pressure sensor. This combination enables precise measurement of position, orientation, altitude, and other essential parameters. Furthermore, the module offers flexibility through its provision of DIP switches and toggle switches. These allow easy adjustment of serial port pins, PPS pins, and communication addresses for the attitude sensor.

Designed for seamless communication with M5Stack controllers, the GNSS Module utilizes M5BUS for data exchange and supports adding M5 Stamp wireless communication modules, which empowers remote IoT communication, making it a versatile solution for applications such as positioning and navigation, agriculture, logistics, geospatial surveying, environmental monitoring, and safety and emergency response.


  • Multi-Constellation Positioning: Supports various satellite systems for accurate positioning.
  • High Precision: Approximately 1.5-meter positioning accuracy.
  • Multi-Signal Reception: Simultaneously receives signals from four GNSS sources for enhanced accuracy.
  • External Antenna: Optional configurations to suit different needs.
  • Data Protection: Backup battery and EEPROM chip ensure data security during power loss.
  • Multiple Sensors: Integrates six-axis attitude sensor, magnetometer, and barometric sensor.
  • Flexible Configuration: Customizable settings like serial port pins, PPS sync signal pin.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for positioning, agriculture, logistics, environmental monitoring, etc.
  • IoT Support: Can integrate M5 Stamp wireless communication module for remote communication.


  • 1x GNSS Module
  • 1x External active GPS/BD antenna (length: 1 m)
  • 1x antenna feeder
  • 2x M2*4 screws
  • 1x hex key 1.5mm


  • Positioning and Navigation
  • agriculture
  • logistics
  • Geographic surveying and mapping


Resources Parameters
GNSS chip NEO-M9N-00B
Operational limits: Max Altitude: 80,000m,Max G: ≤4,Max Velocity:500m/s
Number of supported channels: 92
Dynamic course accuracy : 0.3deg
Maximum navigation update rate: 25Hz
Six-axis attitude sensor BMI270
Accelerometer range: ±2g/±4g/±8g/±16g
Gyroscope process range: ±125dps/±250dps/±500dps/±1000dps/±2000dps
Three axis magnetometer BMM150(Magnetic field resolution :0.3uT)
Barometric pressure sensor BMP280(Measuring range: 300 ~ 1100 hPa)
Supports navigation satellite types GPS / QZSS 、GLONASS、Galileo、BeiDou
Product Size 54*54*13.1mm
Package Size 126*66*23mm
Product Weight 14.4g
Package Weight 60.4g
The reserved dip switch and toggle switch can adjust serial port pins, time-stamped PPS pins, and attitude sensor communication addresses.

I2C Address

BMI270 ADDR 0x69
BMM150 ADDR 0x10
BMM280 ADDR 0x76
The I2C bus of the BMM150 is connected to the BMI270. Note that the host cannot scan the I2C address of the BMM150

BASIC-V27 (K001-V27)

CORE2 (K010)

CoreS3 (K128)

TOUGH (K034)





Module Size

module size




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