UnitV2 Firmware Update Tutorial

Firmware Download

Click the link below to download the UnitV2 firmware package and unzip it to the root directory of the TF card. (Please place the firmware file directly into the root directory of the TF card, and do not change the file name).

Getting Started with Update

Note: All user files on the UnitV2 will be erased.
Power supply must be sufficient at 5V, and power must not be interrupted during the first power-on burn-in.
During the 4-minute wait, the LED light will briefly show a dim white light followed by both white and red lights being on simultaneously. So, if you see a dim white light, wait for about 10 seconds. If the red light doesn't come on, the burning process is completed.
After burning, let it run for more than 10 seconds before disconnecting the power.

Burning Steps: 1. Unzip to M5UnitV2UpdPackage.img, do not modify the file name
2. Format the SD card as FAT32, and put the file into the SD card's root directory.
3. When shutting down, insert the SD card, hold down the button on the top of the host, plug in the USB interface with a 5V power supply, and release it when the red light flashes.
4. After powering on for 1-2s, the red light starts flashing, and after flashing for 2s, the red light stays on. At this time, release the top button.
5. The firmware starts burning, wait for about 4 minutes, and finally the red light goes off, and the white light is dimly lit.

Update Complete

After the update is complete, the device indicator light will go out. At this time, keep the device connected and access the domain unitv2.py or IP: through a browser. If you can successfully access the online recognition function page (as shown below), the update is complete. Note: Before using, please install the SR9900 driver. For installation steps, refer to the previous section Jupyter notebook .

Operation Video

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