Web CAM Usage Tutorial For PoECAM-W V1.1

Tutorial Overview

This tutorial will teach you how to download programs and use PoE for power and communication to achieve IoT image viewing functionality. It can be used in image monitoring, remote collection, smart home, industrial automation, and other fields.

Materials Needed

Connecting the Circuit

schematics schematics
The green LED next to the PoE cable should light up to indicate normal network communication.

Flashing the Firmware (New Devices Can Skip This Step and Proceed to Get IP Address)

  1. Factory firmware is already flashed, so you can skip this step and proceed directly to Get IP Address. You can download the factory firmware from the official documentation, upload the program, and you're set.

Steps to Upload Easyloader Factory Firmware

  • ①. Select the corresponding port
  • ②. Set the baud rate to default, click burn, and wait for the burn to complete

Get IP Address

  1. Open the serial assistant to check the camera's IP address via the serial port.
  • ① Select the corresponding port
  • ② Open the serial port
  • ③ Click the RST button to reset and output information. You can also reset using the device's RST button (as shown below).
schematics getip schematics

View Image

  1. Copy the IP address to a device on the same PoE network and append /stream to the address in the browser to view the image.
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