Flashing NES Games

This document will guide you through flashing a game emulator and your desired classic games so that you can use the FACES Kit to play GameBoy games.

Download Firmware

Gameboy emulator firmware can be downloaded from: Github .

Flashing Firmware and Game Files

Windows OS

Click here to download the ESPTool flashing tool . After launching the tool, select the ESP32 DownloadTool option. Import the 2 bin files from the firmware folder and set their corresponding burning addresses (firmware.bin:0x1000, BladeBuster.nes:0x100000). Refer to the image below to configure the port and baud rate for device connection. Click "Start" to begin flashing.

Mac OS

(1) Install esptool

Open Terminal and execute pip install esptool.

(2) Flash Firmware

In Terminal, navigate to the path where firmware.zip is located and execute the following commands:

unzip firmware.zip
cd firmware
esptool.py erase_flash
sh flash.sh

Restart FACES

After restarting FACES, you can start playing games.

If you want to switch to another game, simply replace the game file and flash it using the above tools. Note that you should use NES format game files.

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