Function Description

Create a web page consisting of controls that can be used to remotely control the M5Stack device through the Remote feature. The page is associated with the device's API KEY and will be stored in the M5 service for a long time with a fixed access link so that users can access and share device information or remotely control the device anytime, anywhere.
1. This function needs to use the online version of UIFlow
2. When downloading and running offline, you need to add WiFi connecting program to setup. View WiFi connecting program description
3. You need to push the program before using it, and then you can get access to the QR code/URL of the page

Set Title Sets the content of the title displayed on the control page.

Remote qrcode show in x y size Generate web page with QR code display position and size.

Add Remote Switch Button index Add toggle button (0 or 1) to run the program in the block when clicked.

Add Remote Button index Add a button to run the program in the block when clicked.

Add Remote Slider Add sliders, add variables before use, change the variables by sliders, execute the program in the block.

Add Remote Label index interval Display data by adding labels and setting refresh intervals.

Instructions for use

The screen displays the QR code of the web page, scan the code to enter the control page, control the LED Bar by pressing the buttons and sliding the bar, and at the same time display the temperature of the ENV module.

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