If a variable is a container, then an array is a collection of many containers, we can assign a value to any variable in the array, get the

length of Measure the length of the array (i.e. the number of elements in the array)

X is empty Determine whether an array is empty or not, if it is true, otherwise it is False.

in list find Array indexing, indexes a specified element in either positive or negative order.

create empty list Add a value, set the judgment is valid (for example, to determine whether the number is odd or even or prime), if it is True, otherwise it is False.

create list with Customize an array

in list get Get the value of an indexed element of an array

in list get sub-list from Intercepting elements from an array as a new array

icreat list with item repeated times Create an array and fill it with elements repeated a certain number of times.

reverse Arrays in reverse order

in list set as Setting an index in an array to a specified value

make list from text with delimiter Creating arrays from text, using delimiters


Add a create list to create an array, add some elements to the array, and call it by iteration or other means.

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