There are some basic arithmetic blocks in Math, such as "addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and power operations".

Constant Fill in any number and link it to another object for assignment.

Common operation Add, subtract, multiply, and divide powers by adding data on both sides of the equation

Surplus Add data on both sides of the equation and carry out the remainder.

Special number judgment Add a value, set the judgment is valid (for example, to determine whether the number is odd or even or prime), if it is True, otherwise it is False.

Array calculation Summing an array, finding the maximum or minimum value, averaging, etc.

round Rounding or rounding up or down of decimals

advance operation Finding trigonometric functions, absolute values, and other operations

Convert to int Converting values to integers

Convert to float Convert numeric values to floating point numbers


Add data to both sides of the equation, assign the equation to a variable or other object, and get the result.



When making games or animations, we sometimes need some random elements, Random can generate random numbers according to our needs.

random fraction Every time it is executed, a random number between 0 and 1 is generated.

random integer Specify a random range, and whenever it is executed, generate a random integer within the range.


Set random range with constants, assign random intger to a variable.

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