Cardputer Firmware Burning and Program


  • Refer to UIFlow Web IDE Tutorial ,to understand the basic process of using UIFlow 2.0 and complete the installation of the M5Burner firmware burning tool.

  • Register and log in to M5Burner. After the device is successfully burned, the device information will be simultaneously bound to the account.

  • Download the firmware suitable for Cardputer in M5Burner, as shown in the figure below.

2.Port Selection

Connect the device to the computer via a USB cable, select the Burn button for the corresponding firmware in M5Burner, fill in the WiFi information, and select the corresponding device port.

After the Device is turned on, press and hold down the G0 key, insert the USB port, enter the download mode, after connecting, the software will pop up Found New Device. In this case, the connection is successful, and the screen does not display the content, enter the programming mode.

3.Firmware Burning

Connect the device to the computer via a USB cable, select the Burn button for the corresponding firmware in M5Burner, and fill in the WiFi configuration that the device is pre-connected to, including WIFI SSD and WIFI Password, as well as other device configurations that need to be added or modified.

Note: If your device is connecting for the first time, you need to bind the device to this account.

4.Modify Device Configuration

After the firmware is burned, the device will restart and remain connected to the USB. Use M5Burner to click the Configure option, fill in the device configuration that needs to be modified, and click next. Note: After successful burning, the device needs to be restarted. If you need to change the device configuration again, you need to modify the burning configuration information again.

5.Login to UIFlow2.0

Click the user icon in the upper right corner of the page to log in to the UIFlow2.0 system account. Note: This account needs to be the same as the one logged in to M5Burner. After successful account login, devices with successful and valid WIFI connections under this account can be viewed by clicking Select Device. If you need to change the device owner, you need to unbind the relationship between the device and the account.

WIFI Mode (Offline Mode)

Ensure that the WIFI has been configured: When burning the program, you need to configure the WIFI and other information in the M5Burner burning program Configure.

Select an online device.

USB Mode (Offline Mode)

Connect Cardputer to the computer's USB port and click the WebTerminal button.

Select the USB-connected device in the pop-up window, click Select, and when the WebTerminal screen displays "Connected to Serial Port!", it means that the USB connection is successful.


After completing the above steps, you can start programming using UIFlow 2.0.

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