As the name suggests, conditional loops refer to loops that need to satisfy certain conditions, when the conditions we set are met, the loop will run the contents of the program in the block.

repeat n time Setting the number of cycles

repeat while Determine if the condition is valid, and loop indefinitely if it is.


Add repaet to the program, set the number of loops (loop conditions), and add the program to be looped.



Simply put, data iteration is the process of assigning a number of numbers, one after the other, sequentially, to the same variable, and running the contents of the do once for each assignment.

for each item i in list Iterates the contents of an array sequentially over the variable i and runs the contents of do once per iteration.

count with i from a to b by c Increase from a to b, each time increasing by c, and iterate the result of each increase onto the variable i, running the contents of do once for each iteration.

break out of loop You can choose to jump out of the whole loop, or jump out of the current loop, when the execution reaches the block to execute the jump out of the


Add iteration block to the program, set the iteration parameter, and the do program to run after each iteration, for example: iterate the brightness of RGB bar from 0 to 100.

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