Export Firmware

This tutorial will introduce you to how to export firmware through M5Burner.

1. First, open M5Burner and click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner, then select Firmware Exporter.

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2. Select the appropriate port. If there is tty.usbmodem.... or tty.wchusbserial..., be sure to choose tty.wchusbserial....

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3. Choose the Export Path for the firmware. After confirming it is correct, click the Start button to begin exporting the firmware.

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4. Wait until the progress bar below shows 100%. Then, you can find and use the firmware in the previously set Export Path.

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Publish Firmware

This tutorial will introduce you to how to upload and share your own firmware programs through M5Burner.
Prerequisites: Install a Python3 working environment, install the latest version of M5Burner, and log in to your personal account.

1. First, open M5Burner, click on USER CUSTOM at the bottom left, and then select Publish.

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2. Fill in the relevant information for the firmware publication.

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Publish Firmware Item Descriptions

Name: The name of the firmware being shared.
Version: The version number of the firmware.
Description: A brief introduction and usage instructions for the firmware.
Device Type: The device type for the firmware.
Github: The Github web page link for the firmware program.
FirmWare: The firmware being shared (using the Fireware Export feature provided by M5Burner is recommended).
Cover: A cover image for the firmware to be displayed in Burner.

3. Wait for the firmware to successfully upload.

If the firmware is successfully uploaded, you will see the firmware you just uploaded on this interface.

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Click the Detail button to modify the firmware's information.

Click the Publish button to change the firmware's public status.

Click the Share button to get the Share Code of the firmware. You can share the Share Code with others and use the Share Burn feature to burn the shared firmware.

Click the Delete button to remove the firmware from Burner.

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