POWER (M5Stack)

Function Description

Set up to charge or get power.

isCharging Return to charging status

isChargeFull Returns true when fully charged

setCharge Setting up charging

get Battery Level Return to power level


If the red light is on while charging the RGB

POWER (M5StickC)

Function Description

Setup AXP192 related parameters.

Get charge state Return to charging status

Get battery voltage Return battery voltage

Get battery current Return battery current

Get Vin voltage Return to Vin Input Voltage

Get Vin current Return to Vin Input Current

Get VBus voltage Return VBus voltage

Get VBus current Return to VBus Current

Get AXP192 temperature Return to AXP Temperature

Power off turn off (a machine or device)

Set battery charge current to Setting the charging current

Set LCD voltage to Setting the screen voltage


Displays battery voltage and charging current, shuts down when fully charged.

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