M5Tough Program Compilation and Flashing

1. Preparation

2. USB Driver Installation

Click the link below to download the driver program matching your operating system. Currently, there are two versions of driver chips, CP210X (suitable for CP2104 version) / CP34X (suitable for CH9102 version) driver program zip files. After unzipping the package, select the installer for your operating system's bit version for installation. (If you are unsure which USB chip your device uses, you can install both drivers. CH9102_VCP_SER_MacOS v1.7 may report an error during installation, but it actually completes the installation, so ignore it.)
Driver Name Suitable Driver Chip Download Link
CP210x_VCP_Windows CP2104 Download
CP210x_VCP_MacOS CP2104 Download
CP210x_VCP_Linux CP2104 Download
CH9102_VCP_SER_Windows CH9102 Download
CH9102_VCP_SER_MacOS v1.7 CH9102 Download

3. Port Selection

  1. Connect the device to the computer via USB cable. After completing the driver installation, you can select the corresponding device port in the Arduino IDE.

4. Program Compilation & Flashing

  1. Open the example program from the driver library, click the upload button, and the program will automatically compile and flash.
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