M5Atom Program Compilation and Flashing

1. Preparation

2. USB Driver Installation

Install Driver
Connect the device to the PC and open the Device Manager to install the FTDI driver for the device. Taking a Windows 10 environment as an example, download the driver file that matches your operating system, extract it, and install it through the Device Manager. (Note: In some system environments, you may need to install the driver twice before it takes effect. The unrecognized device name is usually M5Stack or USB Serial. It is recommended for Windows users to install the driver directly in Device Manager (custom update). The executable file installation method may not work properly). Click here to download the FTDI driver
MacOs Notes
For MacOS users, before installation, please check System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General -> Allow apps downloaded from: -> App Store and identified developers.

3. Port Selection

  1. Connect the device to the computer via a USB cable. After completing the driver installation, you can select the corresponding device port in the Arduino IDE.

4. Program Compilation & Flashing

  • 1.Open the library file manager
  • 2.Enter M5Stack to download the library file

5.Program compilation & burning

1.Open the case program in the driver library, click the upload button, and the program will be automatically compiled and burned.

  • Let's light an onboard RGB light as an example

2.Change the pin to G27, because the RGB pin in Atom Lite is G27, the number of beads is changed to 1

Upload completed effect is as follows:

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